Hodgkison Adelaide Office
Adelaide, South Australia

Hodgkison has completed a transformative renovation aimed at enhancing the aesthetics, ambience and effectiveness of our Adelaide office. Our primary objective? To foster an environment where our team members could thrive in comfort and connectivity, while extending a warm welcome to visitors.

At the heart of this renovation project lay a reimagining of our reception area. In light of the changing needs and uses of office spaces in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we set out to create a versatile design that not only embraced the contemporary concept of a waiting area but also effortlessly transformed into an informal meeting hub when a more relaxed work setting was desired.

We removed any unnecessary walls and barriers, replacing some with glass to maintain privacy, harmoniously balancing privacy with an open and interconnected feel throughout the office. The outcome?

The result is a revitalized work environment brimming with connectivity and energy. Our revamped Adelaide office stands as a testament to our commitment to innovative solutions and adaptability in a rapidly changing world.

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