Loxton Lutheran School
Loxton, South Australia

At Loxton Lutheran School, Hodgkison had the opportunity to provide a unique design that draws on the cultural touchstones of the region while facilitating student learning.

Drawing inspiration from the local wildlife and the Murray River on which the town of Loxton is founded, the interior design references the environment, cultural icons and the occupations of the region’s community.

  • A bespoke vinyl graphic designed into the floor takes the shape of the River Murray. Animals that call the river home feature prominently along the length of the design, which meanders into the carpeted classrooms.
  • A stylised “Tree of Knowledge,” a local tree marking the heights of various river floods that the town has experienced since settlement, sits at the centre of the building. The tree acts as a strong focal point in the welcoming and collaborative common area.

Surrounding the central communal space are three new classrooms and a STEM teaching space. Large glass doors connect the rooms to each other and to the outdoors, creating a bright, open feeling throughout the building while allowing for silence and privacy if the situation requires. Elements of nature are carried into each room through pinboards featuring the primary industries in which local families are employed.

All of these elements work together to create a teaching space connected closely with nature and the community, that inspires children to learn and engage with their teachers and peers.