Pennington Children’s Centre
Pennington, South Australia

The Pennington Children’s Centre delivers early learning based on the principles of the Reggio Emilia education philosophy. Welcoming, home-like spaces provide a variety of sensory and learning experiences which support child development.

A light and inviting entry space links the Early Learning Centre and Community facilities, offering a welcoming environment for children and their families. An outdoor play area provides flexible spaces for educators to explore adaptive environments focused on investigative learning to assist the social and physical development of each child. High ceilings, natural light, connected spaces and a material and colour palette highlighting a connection to nature, creates spaces that feel familiar and safe.

Within the Early Learning Centre, the design provides children and their educators with the flexibility to create a multitude of activity stations that adapt to the children’s needs, encourage investigative learning, maintain work in progress and allow for the exploration of materials. The community centre offers two multipurpose areas which open into a larger zone where workshops and training can be delivered.