Senior Interior Designer Tina Murray’s design vision is brought to life at Adelaide’s West Lakes Shore School in the form of a sensory walk in the corridor of the general learning areas.

The sensory walk is playful, colourful and inspired by its local seaside environment and aims to stimulate children to learn about numbers, the alphabet, colours and textures in a fun and inviting way.

The intricately detailed vinyl flooring design was installed by Tarkett Australia, using  the new Floorcraft technology, the first of its kind in Australia.  The vinyl shapes are cut with extreme accuracy in the factory, and then pieced together and held with a protective adhesive film to create a vinyl roll.  Once the flooring is installed and the adhesive has set, the film is removed to reveal the finished design.  This process alleviates a great deal of the cutting labour traditionally required by the installer in such a detailed design.

The West Lakes Shore School’s transition space has been transformed into an interactive learning environment, much appreciated by students and their teachers.

Images by Robert Monteleone courtesy of Tarkett Australia